Miracle Fortress — Was I the Wave?

By Paul on August 21st, 2011 in

We’re back again with another album review, but this time we also nabbed an interview with the creator, Graham Van Pelt. Enjoy!

The Reverb Signal Interviews Miracle Fortress

Graham’s solo project, Miracle Fortress, cannot very well be categorized into a single genre, thanks to how different his two albums are. The first album, “Five Roses,” has am upbeat rock feel to it. The second album, “Was I the Wave?,” is much more surreal and paced.

The only constant theme between the two albums is that they both have that Miracle Fortress vibe. This may seem a bit of an odd comment to make, but not all bands do this. Think Linkin Park, whose first album was a rap/metal/hard rock hybrid, versus their third album which is primarily boy band pop with almost no traces of rapping. Their third album is not very Linkin Park, now, is it?

“Was I the Wave?” has, more or less, two different ideas present in the album, and the one segues into the other very nicely. From the first song — Awe — all the way to Spectre, there is a very isolated, claustrophobic feel. But Spectre doesn’t stay that way for long, and quickly opens up into a more free and positive sound that is maintained through the rest of the album.

The advantage of doing an album this way is for the emotional effect it has on the listener. The emotion of a sound is affected by the sound that comes before it. It’s like you have been trapped in a cave, and finally found your way out into the light. But if you were in the light the whole time, it would be taken for granted, i.e. not appreciated as much. Only, in this metaphor, the cave was kinda fun to explore while you were down there, too.

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