Pick a Hero, Pick Again, and then Pick Nobody

By Paul on July 24th, 2012 in , ,

I’ll be honest; I started writing this post months ago, but somewhere in the process it just got lost in my hard drive. But how fortuitous! This is one of those posts that only improves with age. When I first started writing it, I wanted to tell you to pick a musical hero to emulate. Tons of sites tell you to do the same thing, it must be good advice! But now I have a slightly different message to give you.

Alcoholic Faith Mission

By Paul on July 13th, 2012 in ,

No matter how many indie bands we review, they always manage to surprise us. They’re always so different from each other, and they always bring interesting sounds that I never would have guessed I would enjoy. You’d think by now it would just be expected, but it ain’t happening. Certainly there’s new stuff to be heard and we all know it, but the fun part is that unexpected sounds are never… expected. No band so far has proven this more than Danish band Alcoholic Faith Mission.


Atherton [No Threat]

By Paul on June 20th, 2012 in , ,

Have I ever told you about all the cool indie rappers out there? No? Well, shoot, let’s change that starting now! Hip hop is kind of a big thing, after all. But, just like any other genre, the artists with the most creative license are often not the ones on the radio; they’re the independent musicians. Take Canadian rapper Atherton, for example.


Keep Shelly in Athens

By Paul on May 22nd, 2012 in

You are in a field. The lone tree on the horizon is leaning away from a gust of wind, as the tall grass dances hypnotically under the yellowing sky. You can feel your hair blowing to the side. In the next moment, you’re standing at the top of a tower overlooking the ocean, which you then realize is an unlit lighthouse. The wind is even stronger now, creating tall waves below you while a heavy rain is pelting the window. You could watch the droplets slide down the window the window all day, but you turn around only to find you are actually in a dimly lit living room, sitting on a sofa that wasn’t there before, and you don’t recall actually sitting down. You look back out the window through the now light rain, and watch as a mist drifts past a flickering street lamp.


Good Music is More About Confidence Than You Think

By Paul on April 16th, 2012 in ,

As an indie music blogger, I am sometimes contacted by a band directly rather than through a label. This is great. I love it when a band wants to give it the personal touch. The thing is, this will sometimes backfire. It’s not because of bad writing. If you’ve made an entire album of music with lyrics, you’re probably a good writer. No, your email backfires when you don’t talk about your music confidently, as one band failed to do recently. Here’s what went wrong.


Reverb Freebie Playlist

By Paul on April 5th, 2012 in

A while ago I had this idea to hand out a list of songs on CD. I was all ready to go, but then did nothing with it. But we have reviewed every single one of these bands, and I still have the playlist ready to go, so let’s get some free music!


L2P Electric Guitar: CAGED Scales and Chords

By Paul on March 24th, 2012 in ,

So here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Yes, you’ve been waiting for it, stop second-guessing me! Anyway… You have your guitar, and I’m ready to share my strategies for learning the guitar in the most effective way possible. I’ve told you before what my lesson plan was, and then later revised it, but in the end let’s forget about all of that. Knowing what I know now, I wager that you can learn guitar effectively in only THREE lessons. Three. But these lessons are not for the guitarist who wants to play songs from their favorite band. We’ve already gone over that multiple times. You’re better than those guys. These lessons are for people who want to be real musicians; this is for those who want to be able to play without thinking, the way a black belt martial artist can fight without thinking.


L2P: Stop Playing Everlong!

By Paul on March 9th, 2012 in ,

Now that I have officially failed the RPM Challenge (with fantastic results), we can get back to where we left off in our very own L2P Challenge. When I first started the L2P Challenge, I mentioned that I already knew a thing or two about playing the guitar. Over the past few months, though, I’ve really learned a lot more than I ever have before. In fact, I know now that when I played in high school and college, I was doing it wrong. Here’s why.



By Paul on March 2nd, 2012 in

God I hope I’m spelling their band name right! Swedish band Korallreven (I just checked… yup, that’s how it’s spelled) is a band that could be best described as not quite lucid. That is, the music finds its way into your subconscious, and that’s where it stays. Gone are all the standard hooks and riffs you normally hear from other bands. Even the dreamiest, synthiest bands will often have a hook, but Korallreven manages to do something a little different.


Album of the Month: Leap Day Double Feature

By Paul on February 29th, 2012 in ,

Yes, two albums! I won’t normally do this, but I’m trying to fit a number of posts into a short period of time and it made sense to do it this way. Although I had a bit of trouble deciding which album was good enough to be album of the Month for February, this is not why I’m picking two. No, the reason I’m picking two albums is because one of them is a completely free album┬áthat is only available for a limited time.


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